H+P0001: Auntie Flo – Goan Highlife

“Highly impressive debut of original Afro-jacking grooves from Auntie Flo. There’s a lot in common with the Comemé sound in both tracks but Auntie Flo has a fresher take on the sound, perhaps not quite as in-debted to Chicago. Recently played by Ricardo Villalobos, ‘Highlife’ is driven by a weighty kick drum but offset with swirling circular drum rhythms and chants to incite madness on the floor – best find yourself a bit of room when this comes on! Flipsides ‘Goa’ has a more twisted Latino synth/guitar melody and a swing akin to the deeper end of UK Funky. The effect is infectiously hypnotic and quite bloody irresistible.” Boomkat

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